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JTBD E-Learning

Following our mission to proliferate knowledge on the Jobs-to-be-Done theory
and the Outcome-Driven Innovation® process, JTBD Institute Europe
offers this E-Learning Platform to innovators and innovative teams
to introduce them to a new way of thinking.

We want to encourage and enable teams from different industries
to apply JTBD thinking to their business challenges.

JTBD E-Learning Basic

In this basic course, you will get an overview of the Jobs-to-be-Done Theory and the five steps of the Outcome-Driven-Innovation® approach:
Learn how to define a market for innovation and how to create job maps by working on a case example. Enroll in this course to familiarize yourself and your team with the approach and understand how to apply Jobs-to-be-Done as a new way of thinking about strategy and innovation.

The JTBD E-Learning Basic course takes approximately 6 hours to complete.


  • 5-Step learning program
  • 4 Exercises
  • Quizzes
  • Certification JTBD + ODI “Knowledge”
  • Further reading material

Price & special offers


EUR 1 590 (excl. 20% VAT) per seat with access for 1 year
Please ask for special price packages for corporate teams:

EUR 2 980 (excl. 20% VAT) per seat with access for 1 year for consultants and service providers

Special offer:

JTBD Training Packages: To better understand the content during the Virtual Master Class Basic, the Master Class Advanced and as well at our JTBD Summit we recommend our JTBD E-Learning Course in advance to complete.

Book 2 charged JTBD trainings at once and get -20% discount for each. You already attended a training of our JTBD Institute? Get -20% discount for each JTBD training within 1 year.

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